About Annamika

In 2007, I founded Annamika as a sanctuary for my artwork, a place where my creations could breathe and find their voice. The name 'Annamika', echoing the Sanskrit term for 'nameless', was my ode to seeking a deeper connection with art without the shadows of ego. This deliberate choice of anonymity wasn't just about detaching my identity from my creations, but about embracing a universal sentiment many artists feel— that vulnerable whisper asking, "Is what I've created truly good enough?"

At its core, Annamika is about art that resonates with me, with the fervent hope that it will touch and captivate you in the same way. I've always believed that my artwork would seamlessly blend into products, enhancing everyday experiences. My background in design provided the perfect avenue to merge this belief with my love for art.

Each piece you see here isn't just a product; it's a fragment of my heart, my passion, and my journey. I invite you to delve into the world of Annamika, where artistry and design harmoniously intertwine. For in each piece, you'll find not just my vision, but a shared human experience and a celebration of creativity.


~ Catherine Hubert



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